Facebook banned 06/30/2019

Intellectual Property Update 06/30/2019

     I recently completed a keyword search using Barry Equality Filed Equation using yahoo.com and found that facebook had a result posted with a link. The page showed up as does not exist. They also made statements along with the search results that they would filter out political ads and politicians if I signed up for a facebook account. I signed up for a facebook account on 06/27/2019 and four hours later the account was non accessible. I contacted the legal staff of facebook and had a great deal of difficulty almost impossible but managed. The email used was legal@facebook.com I expressed my concerns about using my trademark and service mark without my permission and my name. The email used was barry.crouse@yandex.com it came but unsuccessful delivery on my chromebook but came back successful on my windows server. I was able to fill out a trademark complaint form and asked facebook not to use my name or brandname if they cannot gurantee the filtering and suppression of political ads and politicians-country United States. On 06/30/2019 facebook disabled the account and the search result on yahoo has gone away. I was unable to come to a agreement with facebook so I will have to demand and place blocks on facebook disabling cookies, javascripts, Certificate revocation not accepted. I have a Private Network. It is understood that facebook is a subcontractor for the U.S. Government in general so the main issue is if a subcontractor can gain access to a private Network through overt means how do I know they will not engage in Industrial Espionage ? because I write copyrights, and have trademarks, and sometimes file design patents on occassion. I view facebook as blacklisting me so I will blacklist facebook as well. I feel that sometimes walls are needed to have a peaceful coexistence and in this case it is needed. I have made it many times known about the need to control data pirates misuse of identities and different profiles with social media through U.S. and State Court complaints and it falls on deaf ears with no legal action taken. If facebook wants to complain about anti-semetic behavior than I feel that they have shown anti-Irish behavior given the fact My family the Singletons United States fought in World war 1, world war 2, korea, dad served 20 years in the Navy and myself Ohio National guard. By the way all my uncles 6 were drafted in World War 2 in Europe and the Pacific mostly as paratroopers. You only need to look at yourself in the mirror for your own bigotry and prejudicial behavior also As a Irishman, I do not drink or smoke and have devoted myself to 35 years of Martial Arts training blood, sweat, and tears so that there is no misunderstandings of anykind



I have updated my email because of privacy, security, and Intellectual Property concerns. My gmail and yandex accounts appear to be having some issues so I am going to have to go with the following email bcrouse@protonmail.com This email has some features that filter out ads, spam, and other assorted and questionable email that I have not been able to control despite placing blocks and filters . I have completed my 84th Copyright and published my 83rd copyright and is listed on the Canadian Copyright tab on this site. The work required much detail. I am having grave concerns about U.S. datacenters, telecommunications, isp services and how they handle data because of incorrect, irrelevant search results, questionable transaction processing, data corruption, redirecting websites to void spaces or someplace else data piracy. This is unfournate that it has come down to dealing with a bunch of data pirates and nobody is dealing with these types of issues.



I have not written alot about the work I have been developing because of promoting my product on youtube and designing new IT hardware and Software. I have created a 8192 and 12288 bit PKCS 12 certificates that were sucessfully installed on my Private Network also My 6144 bit Server Certificate has been approved surpassing the standard 4096 bits meaning upgrades to Networks can be implemented with higher grade security. I was also successful using curvature based Certificates 571 bits on Personal and CA tabs for different browsers. I do not know if the 571 bit will be allowed to be exported to a European base country along with 6144, 8192, 12288 bit certificates but it is now been online for the past two months on my private network. I have recenly completed a 80,000 bit Motherboard Design with some new ideas and concepts along with new approaches to some issues that have been lingering too long and needed to be addressed.

Thoughts on Intellectual Property World wide

               I want to thank you for coming out and visiting my website giving me the opportunity to express myself freely. I have written copyrights the past 20 plus years as a individual and would like to present my thoughts along with problems and solutions.


              As some of you know or might not know, I published my work with www.Publishresearch.com. The company decided to let it's domain expire after further research the company had a complaint filed against it in the whois data base. The domain was listed with dynadot colorful name by the way little humor. I researched the company and found it to be located in San Mateo, California with a office opened in 2011-2013 in China. The company stated they had some type of affiliation with the National Science Foundation-USA, United Kingdom, and Europe. The company promoted Free Science and Technology publishing. My work over 95% was in Science and Technology and copyrighted.


          In another event, I found out that a recently deceased scientist was under Cambridge University. The scientist was a well known atheist did not believe in God but the University had a symbol of the cross which brings up some very troubling issues regarding honesty, Integrity, and moral core values regarding Academic Integrity by University's. The reason I am bringing this up is because some of the deceased Physist work used some of my Cryptographic numbers and Models I used in my copyrights specifically Linear, Curvature, Linear and Curvature Motion Kinetic Energy. This person went inside a church and from all appearences took knowledge and work that was not for a secular scientist without fully understanding what the central theme was Intelligent Design-God. This showed a lack of morals, integrity, and for a University that had 10 offices allowed this to go on is very disappointing.


   I am not trying to be judgemental in any shape, way or form but there are some very serious issues regarding copyrights that are under the W.I.P.O. World Intellectual Property Organization. A basic tenet of copyright law is the recognition of one's work and to derive a benefit from it. This did not happen after 20 plus years even after having 100,000 plus downloads on my work. I think the W.I.P.O. needs to work more on Individual copyright holders rights to strengthen it against organizations. A person with 30 plus years of experience usually writes from a Individual perspective not tied to a company or organization. I have written my fair share of Mathematics, Physics, and Design based Equations and from the looks of it Countries should make it easier for a Individual to obtain Patents not make it difficult and hard by some countries that do not honor their committments and allow lawyers to sneak into Patent Offices. Copyright holders are required to Publish their work. If you do not wish to have it open to the general public Equations, Than you should change the system to allow Individuals to get their Patents approved not set up one legal barrier after another and turn it over to dishonest lawyers Public Officials and create a system of fraud, abuse, and or mistreatment including discrimatory acts aginst individuals.


    On 03/26/2018 Monday, I was called by the USPTO office the person had a English Accent not American. This person stated he was a USPTO lawyer and basically wanted to deny my trademark application filled out by a legal law firm who dealt with trademarks. The classification was 42 Science and Technology they reviewed my website and he wanted to classify it as toys and provided definitions and meaning. I complained to the USPTO only to have it fall on deaf ears. My copyrights, websites, social media, youtube videos contained my service amrk as in use and prescribed by law. The USPTO lawyer wanted to insult. This was on the day where my wife's consulate in Seattle Russia was shut down which infers malicious and inappropiate behavior by "Public Officials".


   In conclusion, I applaud the United States for shutting down Intellectual property theft or possibility but on the other side of the coin They allowed a "Friendly Nation" to engage in Intllectual Property thefy by allowing this to continue this is a crime in itself.


  I would like to propose the following solutions.


 1). Digital Copyrights that are Published have a Computer Generated bar code.


 2). Submission of copyrights and registration should have a verifiable mac address that is tied into the IP address. IP addresses can easily be manipulated ;however, A mac address with the IP header with encapsulation privacy might do a better job of cutting down on theft and piracy and easier to trace and track down when needed.


 3). Copyright Organizations to review each countries property right laws and make them sign accords and treaties this can be achieved in Geneva or Vienna.


      Thank you for allowing me to express my concerns !



Barry L. Crouse Phd Computer Information Systems



Property blog update 05/2018

I have included this site on the Google custom search Engine recently created. The link is below: I wanted the searches on this site to be more relevant.


Barrys Scientific Based Products -google custom search engine





I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.