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Barrys Scientific Based Products The dawning of a new day

The Dawning of a new Day

I am building a new website that will be self publishing. 

About-Barrys Scientific Based Products

Hello, My name is Barry Crouse. I have written 80 U.S. and Canadian Copyrights and own a state service mark in Florida for Barrys Scientific Based Products. I have reached over 100,000 downloads for my work in Science and Technology Published work as a individual to a now defunct Publishing company. This site will discuss thoughts on Intellectual Property mainly copyrights, Trademarks and Patents this is based on my 20 plus years dealing with Intellectual Property. I have just recently published a new science based works. This is listed under Canadian Property. I am also promoting some of my youtube videos located Barrys Scientific Based Products - youtube videos also, I am now promoting my world wide domain link beneathe the you tube site. My recent work is not related to this site but involves the Barry Equality Field Equation. I have balanced my equation Mathematically and is the counter balance to the Big Bang Theory and Einsteins Theory Of Relativity. The work is listed under Canadian Property.  with the link below as well.






Barrys 44 Point Network Topology Design


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Personal Interest

My personal Interest include playing chess against the Computer reached level 9  Artificial Intelligence. I also have studied the martial arts since 1982

about Barrys Scientific Based Products



                 Barrys Scientific Based Products central core beliefs is Intelligent Design-God. I have studied computers, martial arts for over 35 plus years and have obtained Diplomas, Certificates, Certifications Cisco Routing, Degrees. The principle of best path chosen is a feature of Intelligent Design based on Freedom of Choice this is illustrated in Cisco Routing best path available and on a Mastery level in the Martial Arts that is not well understood regarding Time, Motion, and space.



I am providing some additional websites that I have created that utilize Physics and Mathematics. Please see below



Barry Equality Field Equation  |   







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